The music of Looking-Glass Lantern fuses ‘classic’ progressive rock with the atmosphere of Victorian England. The result is a musical style of great character and charm. Whilst being firmly grounded in the world of progressive rock, the influence of classical music is never far away, and fans of longer pieces and story-telling may find something of interest in the songs.

The first two Looking-Glass Lantern albums were conceived as a pair, based on the famous adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. The first album A Tapestry of Tales (2013) includes among others The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle and A Scandal in Bohemia, while the second album (2014) is devoted entirely to The Hound of the Baskervilles.

A Tapestry of Tales receives a good review in Prog magazine’s March 2014 issue!

A Tapestry of Tales was voted 10th-best prog album of 2013 by the listeners of The Prog Mill radio show! (Now broadcasting on progzilla.com)

What people have said about A Tapestry of Tales:

A Tapestry of Tales is a masterful collection of exquisitely crafted songs.’

‘…an amazing album, across which majestic music and excellent lyrical content abounds.’

‘My advice is indeed very simple, buy this album, which has both “One to Buy” and “The Experience will last Forever” stickers on it, and let your mind go on an amazing journey.’

‘What beauty and power! And the production is clean and of the glory days.’

‘…an album of exceptional grace, charm and musical dexterity that is second to none.’

A Tapestry of Tales is a more than rewarding modern Symphonic Rock effort with great melodies, 70’s inspirations and beautiful arrangements.’

‘The mood of the album is excellent with many sensitive pieces linked to the virtuosity of a Classical composer.’

What people have said about The Hound of the Baskervilles:

‘When Prog music is set against a backdrop of eerie Victorian landscapes and a Sherlock Holmes adventure, you are likely to expect something good…and in this case, the album doesn’t disappoint…it is superb.’

‘…a Prog gem.’

‘Once again Graham Dunnington has created a symphonic prog album to guide listeners across the interesting adaptation of mysterious crime and subsequent unraveling.’

‘Others have dipped into the world of literature for inspiration, but LGL have a classically-infused style all of their own. I have never heard prog quite like it.’

‘The next year [2014] ”The Hound of the Baskervilles” was released, establishing Dunnington as one of the extremely talented composers of modern Symphonic Rock.’

‘This is music produced for the benefit of the listener rather than the performer.’

‘A superb fusion of Victoriana and prog. Almost a new genre in fact, can I get away with calling it Steamprog?’


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  1. I write a prog music blog called The Closet Concert Arena. I would like to write review of you music; really enjoy the symphonic sound and the concept is really fascinating! Could you please forward me some bio info so I may put together a post? I usually include a link to your website, FB page and twitter if you have.
    Here is a link to my blog if you would like to see the writing style:

    I appreciate your time and your music! Thanks-

    Vinny Iacocca
    The Closet Concert Arena

    • Hi there! I’ve just seen that you contacted me via the LGL website, in addition to Twitter! (I usually use the LGL Kindle tablet for checking Twitter, and I hadn’t turned my laptop on for a few days.) Thanks very much for getting in touch-if you need any questions answering, do please let me know.
      Best wishes