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The new album from Looking-Glass Lantern!

Number 36 on the progarchives.com Top Progressive Rock Albums of 2017 chart !

Voted number 21 on the Best Progressive Rock Album of 2017 poll for the The Prog Mill radio show on progzilla.com !

Released 6 November 2017 and set in the 1890s, Candlelight and Empire tells the story of a day in the life of a middle-class Victorian household. This is the first Looking-Glass Lantern album to be released on CD as well as download. The CD comes with a 16-page booklet containing a short story and full song lyrics, illustrated throughout.

There is also a dedicated Candlelight and Empire page on this site – please take a look.

What people have said about Candlelight and Empire:

‘[…] a masterful and hugely entertaining piece of musical storytelling.’ ‘[…] an uplifting and engrossing album that doesn’t really fit the accepted prog genres.’

‘[…] an incredibly gifted instrumentalist. […] a heartfelt and recognizable voice, another trademark that helps to provide Looking Glass Lantern [with] an extra stamp of quality. Well-written, composed, arranged, fully performed and produced […]’


‘This is very much traditional story telling prog at its finest […]’ ‘If you enjoyed the first two albums this is a worthy return from Looking Glass Lantern, if you’ve never heard them before, then it’s a great place to start.’


How to order:

The CD is available to order from the Looking-Glass Lantern store (please click HERE)

The download version is available from all online stores

To read an interview about the album, please visit Mr Jorge Rittatore at This Strange Blog


The Hound of the Baskervilles (2014)

Released on the 125th anniversary of Dr Watson’s first report from Dartmoor.

The second album from Looking-Glass Lantern is an hour-long musical adaptation of the most  famous Sherlock Holmes adventure.

cd cover Tunecore (329x329) (2)

 A Tapestry of Tales (2013)

The debut album from Looking-Glass Lantern, and the first of two albums featuring songs based on a selection of the famous adventures of Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson.


The Looking-Glass Lantern website has lots of information about the albums. In addition to the Looking-Glass Lantern store, you can buy downloads of the albums at iTunes, Amazon, Aurovine and many other online retailers. From here you can go to the Looking-Glass Lantern YouTube channel and Twitter feed. The music of Looking-Glass Lantern is also available on Spotify. Please get in touch, and follow me on Twitter @glass_lantern – I’m always interested in your questions and comments.

I want to share my albums with as many people as possible. If you like what you hear, please make a purchase! Producing a full album takes a great deal of effort and determination, so even if you only buy a single track, this will really support what I’m doing. Thanks very much.

You can also hear A Tapestry of Tales and The Hound of the Baskervilles in full at Aurovine




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